The Festival takes place on September 18, 2021, in a hybrid form: online events and an offline program will be held in Kyiv in accordance with all norms of compliance with epidemiological safety.

Even if the quarantine measures are strengthened, the Festival will be completely transformed into an online format and will take place no matter what.

We miss you very much. We believe that CANactions International Architecture Festival 2021 will traditionally become a place for meeting with friends, colleagues, like-minded people, as well as an important step towards solving the question of how we will live in the future.

You are welcome to pre-order Festival tickets and other awards from CANactions School by joining the festival crowdfunding campaign.

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Можеш – Дій
Everyone needs a home. Could this axiom be ever more topical?

And yet since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have spent more time at home than ever. It comes with a realization that the quality of life depends on the quality of housing to a level that cannot be overstated. Home has also become an office, a 'third space', and, to some extent,—public space. But can every house provide for all of these qualities? Socio-economic inequalities connected to housing provision both at the global and local levels have become sharper and more apparent.
The Festival Homes for Tomorrow raises a wide range of issues, which influence whether the future of housing is of high quality and accessible. Reviewing world and Ukrainian tendencies, we project the discussion into the future and consider the scenarios of housing developments, innovative typologies and set the agenda for approaching the necessary changes.

The Festival unites world-renowned theoreticians, experts, and practitioners on the topic of housing in a series of lectures, discussions, and presentations. We showcase the projects of the CANactions School students, as well as of professional international and Ukrainian projects, which push the boundaries of conventional housing and tackle the challenges of today. The CANactions International Architecture Festival 2021 incorporates the international experience and facilitates its critical understanding and application.

CANactions Festival 'Homes for Tomorrow' agenda:
- How to live happier? New requirement to the qualities of housing and living environment: Western trends and Ukrainian realities.
- How to live together? New ways of self-organizing: cooperatives, new models of accessible housing. The prospective of affordable housing in Ukraine.
- Housing overproduction versus the lack of homes? Status quo of the commercial housing development in Ukraine. Real estate bubble and its influence on the public space and infrastructure.
- Housing politics and policies in post-Soviet countries. Status quo and development approaches.
- (Im)possible copy-past. How can the world's best-practices be critically adopted in the multitude of local realities?
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