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DAY 2 / JUNE 03
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СANactions pavilion
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Anti-bar 'Under the tired bridge'
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Martin Rein-Cano
DAY 1 / 02.06
19:15 / MAIN STAGE, hall 9

Martin Rein-Cano was born in Buenos Aires in 1967. He studied Art History at Frankfurt University and Landscape Architecture at the Technical Universities of Hannover and Karlsruhe. He trained in the office of Peter Walker and Martha Schwartz in San Francisco and has worked with the office of Gabi Kiefer in Berlin. Martin Rein-Cano has been appointed as a guest professor in Europe and North America and frequently lectures at internationally renowned universities and cultural institutions. He also regularly serves on competition juries. In 1996 he founded the TOPOTEK 1 office. In 1999, Lorenz Dexler became a managing partner at the studio.

TOPOTEK 1 understands itself as a traveller within the fringe areas of the different disciplines, typologies and scales. TOPOTEK 1 is rooted in the context of the design of public urban spaces and the process of developing urban topics, but also undertakes excursions into the conception and realisation of exhibitions and art installations.

Martin Rein Cano's work is rooted in the design of urban spaces and urban development plans, his key interest lies in combining various disciplines, taking things out of their traditional context and placing them in another.
Hans van der Heijden
DAY 1 / 02.06
10:00 / MAIN STAGE, hall 9

Hans van der Heijden Architect was set up in 2014 by Hans van der Heijden after leaving biq, the company he established in 1994. HvdH has specialised in housing design, both in new build and refurbishment, in the Netherlands and abroad. The Bluecoat arts centre in Liverpool was completed to international acclaim. HvdH has received numerous awards for his housing projects, including two nominations for the Mies van der Rohe Award. He is the author of books and essays on housing and urban design. HvdH has been the Sir Arthur Marshall Visiting Professor for Sustainable Urban Design at Cambridge University.

Opulence and delight are experiences which may evoke a sense of luxury in architecture - different from the outdated notion of luxury in the sense of excess or extravagance.
Florian Idenburg
Co-founder of SO – IL, USA
DAY 2 / 03.06
11:30 / MAIN STAGE, hall 9

Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu co-founded SO – IL during the financial crisis of 2008 with the notion to realize ideas in the world. Prior to founding SO – IL, Idenburg gained experience at the practice of Pritzker laureates Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa (SANAA), where he led the design teams for the Glass Pavilion in Toledo, Ohio and The New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City.

Florian especially recognizes the merit of combining practice with academia to allow cross-pollination to stimulate innovation. He is Associate Professor in Practice of Architecture at Harvard's Graduate School of Design, where he currently leads a three-year research project on transformations in the workplace. Idenburg holds a MSc. in Architecture from Delft University of Technology.
In his writing, he has reflected on his own architectural activities as they relate to the position of contemporary architecture and the larger framework of cultural production.

Christoph Schneider
Co-owner of SAM Architekten, CH
DAY 1 / 02.06
14:00 / MAIN STAGE, hall 9

Architect, was born in Minden (Germany). 2004 got an architectural degree at KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Started practice at once after graduation by the collaboration at the studio of Prof. Stephan Craig, Karlsruhe. Besides architectural projects Christoph created art installations in public spaces.
Begins work at SAM Architekten und Partner AG in Zurich in 2005. Since 2014 Christoph is a co-owner of SAM Architekten und Partner AG.

"My main interest, value is the process of creation. Wanting to build something based on a single initial sketch has always seemed like a dubious desire. The design process is an evolutionary process. Design and then construction are therefore key stages in the job of architecture, if we are to make a relevant contribution to the society we live in. Development, within the meaning of a creation process lasting for an extended period, always contains moments of surprise. The unpredicted and the unexpected are always a part of the whole.
As architects we will only be able to continue making a relevant contribution to society if alongside the routine and expertise of our day-to-day work we also open ourselves up to fresh, new ideas and thinking.
The paths taken during the creative process will and should take us by surprise again and again."

Jord den Hollander
founder AFFR, NL
DAY 1 / 02.06
15:00 / MAIN STAGE, hall 9

Jord den Hollander is a Dutch architect and filmmaker. During his education as an architect at the Technical University of Delft, he developed a special interest in writing and filmmaking. After getting his master degree in architecture he was educated in scriptwriting at the London Film School. During his professional career, he combined both disciplines in numerous projects. His architectural work has been awarded and internationally published in magazines and books. He received many international awards for his television series, films and documentaries on art and architecture.

The past few years his architecture designs and filmmaking become more and more combined. A spectacular design of a mobile children's library became literally a "moving experience". The building of his latest design, a Centre for Architecture for children, was filmed as an educational project for television.
He is lecturing at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam and the Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam.

In 1990 he founded the Architecture and Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) that has become the biggest festival of its kind in the world.
Simon Vinzent
DAY 1 / 02.06
18:00 / MAIN STAGE, hall 9

Simon Vinzent studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture in Copenhagen. After graduation in 2010 he work at MAPT architects. In 2011 Mads Møller and Simon Vinzent established Arcgency architects.

Arcgency works in the board line between the permanent and the temporary, both in program and in construction e.g. Arcgencys own office is 650 m2 build to move in old shipping containers on leased land in the Copenhagen harbour.
Alexis Kalagas
Urban-Think Tank/ETH Zürich, CH
DAY 2 / 03.06
18:45 / MAIN STAGE, hall 9

Alexis Kalagas is an interdisciplinary writer and researcher focused on cities and urban development. Born in Sydney, he completed graduate studies in political science and public policy in Geneva and Boston, where his research centered on the spatial dimensions of urban violence. In addition, he holds honors degrees in arts and law from the University of Melbourne. With previous experience as a foreign policy advisor in Australia's Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and as the editor of a media start-up, since joining Urban-Think Tank in 2013 he has managed a number of projects, including co-editing the recent book Reactivate Athens: 101 Ideas (Ruby Press, 2017), and guest editing three editions of SLUM Lab magazine.
Diego Ceresuela-Wiesmann
Urban-Think Tank/ETH Zürich, CH
DAY 2 / 03.06
18:45 / MAIN STAGE, hall 9

Diego Ceresuela-Wiesmann is a Swiss-Spanish architect and researcher. Born in Madrid, where he graduated with honors from the Polytechnic School of Architecture (ETSAM), he has worked in Berlin, New York, and Zürich, and since 2006 has been a member of the internationally awarded architecture collective Leon11. His work is focused on iterative design, integrated infrastructure to support equitable cities, and drivers for an innovative urban landscape. Among others, he has lectured at Columbia University, the Rhode Island School of Design, and ETH Zürich, and received a number of awards, including from the Emerging New York Architects (ENYA-AIA). Since joining Urban-Think Tank in 2014, he has led an integrated research project in collaboration with the Swiss government (SECO) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to build a replicable prototype of an arts school in Colombia. In 2016, the project received an International Architecture Award from the Chicago Athenaeum.
Jason Hilgefort
DAY 1 / 02.06
13:00 / MAIN STAGE, hall 9

Jason Hilgefort is an urbanist|architect who studied at the University of British Columbia and the University of Cincinnati. His work experience ranges from New York, Rotterdam, to Mumbai and includes working with Peter Calthorpe, Rahul Mehrotra, and Maxwan A+U. He lead Maxwan's numerous competition victories in Helsinki, Basel, Kiev, Brussels, Ostrava, Hannover, and Lithuania before winning Europan 11 in Vienna. He then subsequently founded Land+Civilization Compositions, a Rotterdam | Istanbul | Shenzhen based studio exploring issues at the ever expanding edge of urbanism that views city creation as an art forum. Jason teaching experience includes Ukraine, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. He was a subcurator in the Shenzhen/Hong Kong Urbanism/Architecture Biennale and a co-director of its educational platform. Currently he is the Academic Director of FUTURE+ Aformal Academy for urbanism | landscape | public art in Shenzhen.
Marc Jay
DAY 2 / 03.06
15:00 / MAIN STAGE, hall 9

Marc Jay is a graduate of the the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.
Prior to founding WE Architecture, Marc lived, studied and worked in Spain for 4 years.
In 2006, after having moved back to Denmark, Marc joined the office BIG as a member of the daily management group, where he worked until establishing his own firm in 2009.
As one of the creative managers of WE Architecture, Marc is involved in all the project development of the office, ranging from interior design and architecture to urban and strategic planning
David Basulto
DAY 2 / 03.06
17:45 / MAIN STAGE, hall 9

Graduate Architect from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2006). Founder and Editor in Chief of ArchDaily, and its global sites in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.
ArchDaily's mission is "to improve the quality of life of the 3 billion people who live in cities in the next 40 years, by providing inspiration, knowledge, and tools to the architects who fill face this challenge." He has served as jury for several award, prizes and design competitions in Latin America, North America, Europe, and Asia. He was the curator of the Nordic Countries Pavilion at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale

6-day international and interdisciplinary workshop in the framework of the 10th International Architecture Festival CANactions 2017 (with full-time involvement)
Mirjam Niemeyer /
helsinkizurich (FI / CH)
Víctor Cano Ciborro,
Fani Kostourou,
Adriana Pablos /
Future Architecture Platform: call for ideas 2017
May 29 - June 3, 2017

Mystetskyi Arsenal (10-12 Lavrska St., Kyiv, Ukraine)
Critically-thinking practitioners, researchers, and artists with background in urban design, city planning, and architecture, economics, political and cultural studies, journalism, sociology and other related fields
DAY 2 / 03.06
10:00 / MAIN STAGE, hall 9
National Cultural-Arts and Museum Complex 'Mystetskyi Arsenal' is a large-scale cultural project of national and international importance in the historic center of Kyiv. Its mission is to promote the modernization of Ukrainian society and integration of Ukraine into the global context, based on the axiological potential of culture.

The Arsenal (fr.) was originaly built as the factory for repair, manufacture, and storage of weapons. It was built in 1783-1801 according to the project by Lieutenant-General Ivan (Johann) Meller for the needs of the Kyiv garrison. The Old Arsenal Building is the historical and architectural monument of the state importance situated on the territory of the Old Kyiv-Pechersk fortress.

During the Independence of Ukraine, starting from 2005, Arsenal became the cultural and artistic institution and got the name 'Mystetskyi Arsenal' with the total area of 9.8 hectares and the exhibition area of the Old Arsenal building of 56.000 sq.m. Nowadays the Mystetskyi Arsenal complex is partly in a state of reconstruction and construction that's why only 12.000 square meters are being used for art projects and events.

One of the Mystetskyi Arsenal's main task is to create and continually expand the atmosphere of freedom and creative collaboration that is based upon the human dignity respect, solidarity, critical and responsible thinking. In order to achieve that spatial changes are needed in the sphere of space creation, which is close towards a modern person lifestyle and reflects the horizontal communication, equality and the accessibility requirements.
The workshop is aimed at elaboration of the spatial development scenarios for 'Mystetskyi Arsenal' established by the interdisciplinary teams under the curator's and tutors' guidance including:

a/ spatial development ("hard transformations"): project-planning suggestions that should lead to long-term and step-by-step transformations of certain buildings and spaces of Mystetskyi Arsenal taken the current challenges and opportunities into consideration

b/ experience development ("soft transformations"): proposals of the creation and usage of the Arsenal spaces and buildings, strategically aimed to create new experience and interaction with the space of Mystetskyi Arsenal.

7-day workshop & video installation in the framework of the 10th International Architecture Festival CANactions 2017 (with full-time involvement)
Jord den Hollander / NL
22/05 - 27/05 - distant work

28/05 - 03/06 - workshop
Young architects and those who are interested architecture

Those who know Kyiv in-and-out

Those who are interested in cycling and can't imagine their life without a bicycle
DAY 1 / 02.06
15:00 / MAIN STAGE, hall 9
Dutch director Jord den Hollander compares traditional bicycle cities with each other. In a flow of synchronized shots, cyclists are followed on their tour through the city. How are the cities experienced at the pace and the point of view of a cyclist. Cycling Cities is not another activists cry to point out what measures should be taken to make cities more bicycle-friendly. It is a poetic cry for a different mindset, a love story with a constant cycle.

During this project, they have filmed in 8 cities since Amsterdam, Beijing, Budapest, Milan, Havana, Mexico City, Taipei and Tirana.

When shown for the first time at the 2014 Beijing Design Week the film found an enthusiastic welcome and was praised by its simple, strong and effective underlying message. Also 6 cities were showed side by side at the 2015 Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam and in 2016 - in the Domus Gallery in Milan during the Biennale.

In January this year the Cycling Cities project was used as a proclamation for cycling in Tirana and shown for the City Council. As a result, the Mayor promised to build 10 K of new bicycle lanes. The team never expected this side effect: the project grew from a conceptual idea to an activist statement about the use of bicycles in cities that are still dominated by cars.

During the International Velo City event in June the film with all different cities will be screened.
If you have a certain interest in city planning, in architecture and in urban issues like infrastructure and a certain interest in storytelling and filmmaking - this workshop is for you.
At least you should have some skills in filming and editing (can be on a very basic level with the simplest editing program).
The workshop is about to improve your observation and storytelling skills on urban issues.

The workshop will have 2 parts.

Firstly, all participants will get a 'homework' - they will have to find the identical locations in Kyiv following the tutor's brief: bridges, parks, office buildings, shopping streets, iconic buildings etc.

During the second part of the workshop, participants will spend a week with the tutor, researching chosen locations in Kyiv, developing a scenario and filming their cycling process.

The final result for each group of participants will be a 3 minutes film on Cycling in Kyiv, filmed himself on any camera at hand.

The results will be presented at the CANactions festival as a video installation.
Jord den Hollander is a Dutch architect and filmmaker. During his education as an architect at the Technical University of Delft, he developed a special interest in writing and filmmaking. After getting his master degree in architecture he was educated in scriptwriting at the London Film School. During his professional career, he combined both disciplines in numerous projects. His architectural work has been awarded and internationally published in magazines and books. He received many international awards for his television series, films and documentaries on art and architecture. In 2004 he wrote 60 episodes for a highly acclaimed children television series on art and science. It received the highest international award for children's television, The Prix Jeunesse, in 2005.

The past few years his architecture designs and filmmaking become more and more combined. A spectacular design of a mobile children's library became literally a "moving experience". The building of his latest design, a Centre for Architecture for children, was filmed as an educational project for television.

Jord den Hollander published about architecture and filmmaking in different international magazines and was the author of a variety of books on architecture, architectural history and building. He is lecturing at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam and the Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam.

In 1990 he founded the Architecture and Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) that has become the biggest festival of its kind in the world.

'design thinking' /
tutor - Serhii Gvozdiov
Design Thinking master class establishes a modern methodology of solving issues of the various sort. The methodology is predominately based on the creative approach rather than on the analytical one. Successful experience of such a methodology usage leads to the creation of completely unique and unexpected solutions.

DAY 1 / 02.06
16:30 / MASTER CLASSES, hall 4
Serhii Gvozdiov
Serhii Gvozdiov will curate the master class. Serhii is a Kyiv School of Economics Professor, managing partner of "Necessary and sufficient". The main body of Serhii' interests is associated with the flow control methods, based on the Theory of constraints (Theory of constraints) and lean manufacturing. In addition to this Serhii is also a CANactions School for Urban Studies tutor.

'Crossing borders - mulitscale mapping as a method for integrated planning'
tutor - Urs Thomann
On the 10th International Architecture Festival CANactions you will have an opportinuty to participate in the master-class which will be held by the CANactions co-founder Urs Thomann 'Crossing borders - mulitscale mapping as a method for integrated planning'.

The master class introduces an approach of cross-border planning for Swiss agglomerations. Mulit-scale mapping and precise coordination and verification of the main elements of the urban system on all scales is used as tool fo shapping our daily life more convenient. No matter to which side of the city border you belong.

The growth of contemporary cities and the expansion of its margins push us to face a number challenges in urbanism. Both the city border on the big scale as the parcels border on the small scale are widely regarded as a point of tension and transition, intriguing as a complex space where multiple factors from all different spheres concretize in a system of objects that are related to each other. However, still too often designing and planning is dealing only with the space within the border and on the one scale appropriate for its size and strict task. Standard solutions for problems and challenges of borderspaces often propose just to expand the borders and deal with a now bigger piece, but still just from inside perspective.

DAY 2 / 03.06
10:00 / MASTER CLASSES, hall 4
Urs Thomann
urban planner, co-founder and curator of CANactions School for Urban Studies
Urs worked for various planning offices in Switzerland where he was in charge of projects of different scales: from conurbations over city areas and village centers to city blocks and street spaces. Since 2012, Urs has been working in Ukraine, leading projects which are connected with strategic city development and also support culture change and capacity-building of professionals and civil servants. He curated the development of the 'Integrated Urban Transport and Spatial Planning Strategy' for Vinnytsia City Administration. Currently he is working on a joint project of the Swiss City of Basel, the French City of Huningue and the German City
of Weil am Rhein with the aim of a coordinated planning and development of their cross-border area called „3Land"

'situation eVALUEtion' /
tutor - Grisha Zotov
In the framework of the 10th International Architecture Festival CANactions master-class 'situation eVALUEtion' will be held. The tutor of the master-class - Grisha Zotov (Grisha Zotov).
'situation eVALUEtion' is the Project site manual and computational analysis in a high-density urban development (case study - Amsterdam). Design the maximum building envelope based on the environmental factors, city demands, and a client assignment. In other words - how to design a big building and not being a bastard.

DAY 2 / 03.06
14:00 / MASTER CLASSES, hall 4
For participation are invited:
- architects and senior students;
- young professionals of the field of town planning, architecture and urban engineering.
- unprejudiced representatives of the city administrations;
- representatives of the city development agencies;
- urban developers,
- representatives of public organizations whose work is focused on the urban projects and the real transformation of the Ukrainian cities;
- entrepreneurs with a great interest in the city development projects.
Grisha Zotov
Grisha Zotov since the 2016 is a founder of the Architecture Studio "Architectural prescription" based in Amsterdam. Areas of his work are urban and architectural design; consulting in computer architecture/parametric for professional design. Grisha gained a valuable experience working at Architecten Cie, OMA, BIG, UNstudio та Zotov&Co.

'Sound Sculpture' /
tutor - Wendy Anderson
"Sound Sculpture" - if you are curious to know and experience yourself what does this mean you have a unique opportunity, as far as the curator of the University of the Arts London (UAL) Wendy Anderson will provide the master-class called "Sound Sculpture" in the framework of the 10th International Architecture Festival CANactions.

The workshop takes the notion of what defines sculpture.
The context being the radical changes to the role of sculpture in the twentieth and twenty first centuries. The sculpture has broken away from the tradition of commemoration and adulation for famous or important dignitaries and people.

The workshop will look closely at the works of Anish Kapoor and discuss the physicality of form in space and will encourage participants to experiment using the architectural, spatial locations to create performative pieces.
Senior students, universities graduates and young professionals are invited to participate.

DAY 2 / 03.06
17:300 / MASTER CLASSES, hall 4l
Wendy Anderson
UAL coordinator
Wendy is also the director of the international development of the Chelsea College of Arts, Camberwell College of Arts, Wimbledon College of Arts of the University of the Arts London. She is a practicing artist, curates the exhibition of graduates of the mentioned above colleges, conducts workshops and gives lectures. The spheres of her professional interest are identity, modern technology, environment, current trends in spatial and interior design.

'Media Matters'' /
tutor - Andrey Belyaev
'Media Matters' is an experimental masterclass which is designed to investigate the influence of design tools on the "final product". Several teams which will be formed from the master-class applicants will be asked to perform the same design task using different tools: 100% handmade 2D graphics, only the layout, 100% work in 3D (ArchiCAD, SketchUP), 100% 2D in a special software, etc. The design of residential space at the level of individual premises on the same minimum set of output parameters will be the naster-class focus. Finally, the discussion of master-class results will be held.

Requirements to the participants of the master-class: architectural education, basic design experience of the urban housing environment, particularly at the level of individual apartments.

DAY 1 / 02.06
14:00 / MASTER CLASSES, hall 4
Andrey Belyaev
Design bureau of Byelyayev
The founding partner of architectural practice "Design bureau of Byelyayev", Lviv. The chief specialty of the practice and the sphere of the academic interest of the tutor - design of housing and living environment on all it's levels: from product to urban design.

'Physical spaces for educational activities: Inclusive, holistic and inspired' /
tutor - Insha Osvita
The physical space where the educational event takes place has an impact on its quality and consistency. Because the way space is designed influences the processes that take place inside the body of the content, the group dynamic and the level of total efficiency.
What should be and what should not be inside the physical space where the learning process is taken place in order to intensify it and make it more effective and speed up the processes which provoke the openness of the participants? Does an ideal educational space exist? If yes, how should it look like?
These and other questions would be discussed during the master-class by the "Insha Osvita"

Requirements to the participants of the master-class: architectural education, basic design experience of the urban housing environment, particularly at the level of individual apartments.

DAY 1 / 02.06
11:00 / MASTER CLASSES, hall 4
Insha Osvita
public organization
The funders of "Insha Osvita" since 2008 are working in the sphere of the quality management of non-formal education. Together with the educational events agency "Inshi' and space for the holistic education Khata-Majsternia the experience of work with the educational spaces will be highlighted and established to the audience.
'Education and (common) space:
Which educational practices could make
a society more urban aware?'
DAY 1 / 02.06
16:00 / MAIN STAGE, hall 9
ALENA KARAVAJ / Insha Osvita
INNA SOVSUN / Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv School of Economics
Our cities resemble completely how the society is developing and what are there in our hearts and minds as citizens. If there is a lack of credibility, the common public space disappears or is monopolized. If the absence of the cultural education and artistic taste is obvious of our cities are built with the ugly poor quality buildings excluded from the local historical and architectural context and the modern architecture trends. Recently, pilot education initiatives appear in Ukraine and face the challenge to cope with this huge gap in the field of "urban consciousness". About the experience of these initiatives and the prospects for the future, we will be discussing together at this event.

'The city of values:
are there any compromises?'
DAY 2 / 03.06
16:00 / MAIN STAGE, hall 9
June, 3, 2017
OZYMOK IRYNA, Local Economic Development Program Manager
ALEXANDER SENKEVICH / the mayor of Nikolaev city
MICHEL TERESTCHENKO / the mayor of Gluhov city
ARTEM KUHARENKO / the head of the village Podilske
OLGA OMELCHUK / the mayor of Netishyn 2010-2012
The main value of the city is its citizens. Numerous rankings of cities and their leaders are based on what has been done for the comfort and quality of life. Mayors' election campaigns appeal to sustainable development, freedom and opportunities, inclusiveness and environment for professional development. What promises of the election campaigns could be implemented? How can we collaborate efficiently and honestly with the society? How to create the conditions for business development, at the same time not to spoil the quality of life in the city? Where is the boundary between agreements and compromises for the sake of good deeds? This is only a small part of the issues which will be raised the discussion
The discussion will be held with the support of Western NIS Enterprise Fund
Впродовж двох днів на фестивалі працюватиме майданчик від CANactions School for Urban Studies .
У вас буде змога ознайомитися із експозицією напрацювань дослідницьких студій STUDIO #1,
STUDIO #2 та програмою Advanced Studies in Integrated Urban Development, а також здійснити 3D-тур вулицею старого Маріуполя, розроблений представниками ГО "Креативний простір ВЕЖА".
2-3 червня / Павільйон СANactions, зал 3
Детальніше про програму :
ДЕНЬ 1 /
13:00 - 14:00
Короткі презентації випускників CANactions / МАЛА СЦЕНА, зал 1

16.30 - 18.30
Майстер клас тьютора школи Сергія Гвоздьова «Дизайн Мислення» / МАЙСТЕР-КЛАСИ, зал 4
Форма для реєстації на майстер клас - ТУТ
ДЕНЬ 2 /
10:00 – 13:00
Воркшоп співзасновника школи Урса Томана "Crossing borders mulitscale mapping as a method for integrated planning" / МАЙСТЕР-КЛАСИ, зал 4
Форма для реєстрації на майстер клас - ТУТ

12:30 - 13:30
Презентація семестрових проектів учасників програми Advanced Studies in Integrated Urban Development / МАЙСТЕР-КЛАСИ, зал 4

16:00 – 17:00
Воркшоп «Шлях команди до інновацій» випускниці школи Катерини Камінської / Павільйон СANactions, зал 3
CANactions photo exhibition CITY.VALUES

The exhibition shows the city and demonstrates its main values, among which people are the priority. Photos show Kyiv with its all disadvantages and advantages of living in it. The exhibition will give everyone an opportunity to find their own values in the city layout.
Photos have already been demonstrated in the America House and in the Kyiv City Administration. The exhibition consists of 57 photos.
Author - Margo Didichenko
JUNE 2-3 / hall 7
Детальніше про програму :
ДЕНЬ 1 /
«Sunflower Inn»
"La Locanda dei Girasoli" в Римі подає чудову їжу. Але є одна відмінність від інших римських піцерій : більшість персоналу мають синдром Дауна. Цей 40-хвилинний фільм демонструє особливий куточ італійської столиці де звичайні люди творять незвичні справи.

Кінопрограма від фестивалю кіно та урбаністики «86» .

«Жива ватра» (англ. The Living Fire) — український мистецький документальний фільм режисера Остапа Костюка. Фільм розповідає про життя вівчарів українських Карпат і долю традиційного ремесла в контексті сучасного світу.
ДЕНЬ 2 /
«The Age of Lonelineness» Філим про самотність , яка зачіпає мільйони з нас, але ніхто не хоче говорити про це. Це ти. Це я. Це кожен. Наодинці. Самотні.

«Audience Emancipated» - кінопоказ та обговорення від Міжнародного Фестивалю документального кіно про права людини Docudays.
Kids architecture space
'CANarchy in Ukraine / actions 4 kids'
June, 2-3, 2017
Mystetskyi Arsenal
CANarchy - is a free of any boundaries and frames space
Kid's space is full of pillows and hand made stuff, place of knowledge and confession, space where lines are curved and thoughts are straight, hands are golden and ideas are crazy.

Work with kids will be provided into three main vectors simultaneously:
Aboutwork practice
Kids together with the tutors will be working in the framework of the following topics:
- What is the most important for you in: Life? People? World?
- What is the most important for you in a flat?
- What is the most important for you in a house?
- What is the most important for you in a street?
- What is the most important for you in a district or city?
Im addition to this during the day there will be a short illustrated lectures on the following topics:

- LINE-PLANE-CUBE and much more.

During these short lectures kids will be given graphics format A-3 and A-4 for work on the subject and will also be proposed to make their own unique architectural object in 3D format.
Aboutwork practice

This part of the Studio work aims to provoke interest and occupy children who do not want to participate in a public work "About Values".

We offer the following topics:
A kid is given a cardboard silhouette of the house and pens, using which he or she draws windows, doors, balconies, pipes, antennas, cats and flowers, decorates the facade and attaches it to the wall in the total number of such crafts with the other children, ideally by the end of the day we get a perfect Street of a Blue Dream.
Speakers' and Tutors' of CANactions works are presented in a graphic but with the absence of certain large parts. The child is invited to paint, to invent this construction. Then at the appointed time, the kid will have the opportunity to meet the author and tell him his/her version. Or the author can also participate in this work.