DAY 0 / 19.04


DAY 1 / 20.04

Kyivska Troyanda (building near the Water Museum)
Kyivska Troyanda (building near the Water Museum)
Lavra Gallery
Lavra Galler

ДЕНЬ 2 / 21.04

From the Dryzhby Narodiv Arch to the Trukhaniv Island
River port
River port
River port
Markus Appenzeller
MLA+, Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, NL
Day 1 / 20.04 19:00 / Lavra Gallery

He was born in 1972 and grew up in Germany. After completing his studies in Stuttgart and Chicago, Markus has been working in the Netherlands since 2001. In 2012, together with Gerard Maccreanor and Richard Lavington he established his own firm MLA+, which has 8 offices around the world. MLA+ is currently involved in projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, and is working there on urban design and planning assignments, as well as architecture commissions.
Markus is an expert in large-scale urban and architectural projects in an international context. He is a regular guest critic at the AA School of Architecture in London, has lectured at several schools across Europe and has been teaching at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. He also writes on various topics of contemporary urbanism and advises companies in how to operate in other countries and cultural environments.
Most remarkable projects are Olympic Legacy Masterplan, London; Urban Development Strategy, Ekaterinburg; City Extension, Accra; Bao'An Regeneration Plan, Shenzhen.
In 2017, Markus Appenzeller has also been appointed head of the Master's programme in Urbanism by the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.
Louise Fiil Hansen
Day 1 / 20.04 15:45 / Lavra Gallery

Louise is Urban Designer, Partner and Managing Director in SLA Norway. She studied urbanism and landscape at the University of Aalborg (DK) and TU Vienna. In 2014, she established SLAs Norwegian studio based in Oslo. She is design responsible for some of SLAs biggest Norwegian projects including the design and rebuilding of urban spaces in the New Government Area in Oslo. Her focus is on creating safe, inspiring and attractive spaces where integrated terrorism prevention and security go hand in hand with open and democratic public spaces.
Jan Gehl
Day 2 / 21.04 15:00 / River port

Jan Gehl was born in Copenhagen in 1936. Architect, professor and consultant on urban designHe has focused his career on improving the quality of urban life, by reorienting the design of the city towards the pedestrians, public life and cyclists.
Author of "Life between Buildings", "Public Spaces - Public Life", "New City Spaces", "New City Life", "Cities for People" (2010 ) and "How to Study Public Life" (2013). "Life between Buildings" and "Cities for people" have both been published in more than 40 languages.
In 2000, he founded with Helle Søholt Gehl Architects, with the purpose of applying the theories into practical planning. Major improvement projects have been carried out for Copenhagen, Melbourne, Sydney, London, New York and Moscow.

Organized with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Ukraine.
Benjamin Hossbach
Day 1 / 20.04 16:15 / Lavra Gallery

Benjamin is a founding partner of [phase eins]. The company applies years of experience and technical expertise in conducting planning studies, coordinating competition procedures and developing mediation strategies for conflict resolution.
The aim of the [phase eins]. is to organize transparent and inspiring competitions that result in fair procurement and quality design.
200 projects in 18 different countries has been both a challenge and an achievement within the given frame. Certainly some are more prominent, others had a greater influence of life of people.
Dirk Iede Terpstra
Physical Planning Department, City of Amsterdam, NL
Day 1 / 20.04 14:45 / Lavra Gallery

Dirk Iede Terpstra is a Traffic Planner and Designer at the City of Amsterdam. He is working on the different scales, always in an integral team. Examples of recent projects are policy-making for city-streets and traffic networks (pedestrians, bicycles, public transport and cars), masterplans, urbanplans (like Sluisbuurt, Havenstad and Oostelijke Binnenstad) and public space designs like the Rode Loper (Red Carpet) project.
Tommi Mäkynen
Helsinki Zürich Office, CH
Day 1 / 20.04 18:30 / Lavra Gallery

Architect, Urban Designer and Planner, Partner at Helsinki Zürich Office. Tommi moves between scales in urban development. At Helsinkizurich his work is driven by the belief that the quality of people's lives is directly influenced by their surroundings, at work, at home or the public spaces in between. We make places for good life. Key Projects: Espoo Centre 2030 Vision (Espoo FI), Aviapolis Masterplan (Vantaa FI),Chäsimatt Mixed-Use Block (Rotkreuz CH), ELKZ Community Center (Zurich CH), Balboa Bar & Gym (Zurich CH);
Awards: 2017 Winner Architectural Innovation Awards; Finland Build Magazine 2016 Winner Excellence in Urban Design; Switzerland Corporate LiveWire Award 2016 International Innovation Prize; School as a Service project & Innovation Awards etc.

Mirjam Niemeyer
Day 1 / 20.04 18:30 / Lavra Gallery

Mirjam is a founding partner at Helsinki Zürich Office. Mirjam has been a visiting professor at the PBSA Düsseldorf, worked as a researcher Institute of Urban Design at ETH Zurich and tutored several workshops internationally.
Designer, researcher & consultant working in the fields of architecture, urban design and planning, experienced at working in an international context, in the organization and management of teamwork, processes and events.

Haris Piplas
Day 1 / 20.04 11:15 / Kyivska Troyanda (building near the Water Museum)
Haris Piplas, born in Sarajevo, is an urban researcher & designer. He has studied and worked in Sarajevo, Berlin, Copenhagen, Milan, and Zurich.
He is currently affiliated to the ETH Zurich's Urban-Think Tank Chair of Architecture and Urban Design. His current focus is on defining potentials for critical future urban transformations in Central-Eastern European Cities. He worked on developing innovative research, practice and teaching models in collaboration with academia, industry, and policy partners: in particular the U-TT Digital Urban Global Toolbox, the ISTP (Institute of Science Technology and Policy), Urbanisation Research Incubator and the Urban Simulation Game.
Haris curated the "Sarajevo Now" Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2016. Haris figures as Young Leader Chair Switzerland at the Urban Land Institute, Nominator at Aga Khan Foundation Award, as well as Advisor for ISOCARP, IFLA Europe, European Forum Alpbach, UN IPBES and other institutions.

Matthias Rammig
Transsolar KlimaEngineering, DE
Day 1 / 20.04 10:00 / Architour

Interdisciplinary Architect + Engineer, Sustainability Enthusiast. Employee of TRANSSOLAR Energietechnik, Stuttgart; Project engineer for Daylight, thermal simulation, CFD simulation, certified Passive House Designer and LEED AP. German Sustainability Award 2015 with Freivogel Mayer Architects; Los Angeles Academy Museum of Motion Pictures with RPBW; Refurbishment of Camp Nou Stadium of the FC Barcelona with Nikken Architects; Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Genua, IT etc.
Andreas Ruby
S AM Swiss Architecture Museum, CH
Day 0 / 19.04 19:00 / Lavra Gallery

Andreas Ruby is director of The S AM Swiss Architecture Museum that is the leading institution in the mediation of contemporary architecture in Switzerland. S AM has specialized in temporary exhibitions. With an average of 3 exhibitions each year, S AM appeals to professionals, but also, primarily, to a broad public with an interest in architecture.
Andreas Ruby instigates further development of both S AM's content and S AM itself as an institution, anchoring it within the international scene. As the only museum of architecture on the national level, S AM convincingly convey the eminent importance that architecture has in Switzerland as a cultural asset. Ruby also put into practice innovative mediation concepts that go beyond the museum space and address a broader public. Andreas Ruby will present the Schweizweit exhibition in the framework of the 11th International Architecture Festival CANactions on April 19th 6.30 p.m. at Lavra Gallery. Schweizweit exhibition is organized with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine and Presence Switzerland.

Ken Smith
Day 2 / 21.04 19:40 / River port

Ken Smith is a landscape architect, urbanist and artist based in New York City. He is committed to creating landscapes, especially parks and other public spaces, as a way of improving the quality of urban life. His work pushes beyond traditional typologies to create landscapes that draw on diverse cultural traditions and influences of contemporary culture. Museum of Modern Art Roof Garden, New York; Santa Fe Railyard Park, New Mexico; Village of Yorkville Park, Toronto; Visiting Professor Harvard University Graduate School of Design.
Martijn de Wit
Urban designer, Physical Planning Department, City of
Amsterdam, NL
Day 1 / 20.04 14:15 / Lavra Gallery

Martijn De Wit has been an urban planner at the City of Amsterdam since 2007. Before that time, he gained working experience at urban design offices of Teun Koolhaas and Frits Palmboom.
De Wit was involved in regional plans, masterplans and urban plans throughout the Netherlands. As an urban designer, he has been involved in major projects for the city of Amsterdam since 2007. His primary contribution over the past 10 years has come to life in several plans for Zuidas (Amsterdam) including Zuidasdok, the encasement of the circular motorway, and the multifunctional building complex Valley.

Grisha Zotov
Day 2 / 21.04 18:10 / River port

Prescription is an architectural practice founded in 2016 by Grisha Zotov. Based in Amsterdam, Prescription engages in design on both an urban and architectural scale and additionally offers computational consultation services for design professionals. The practice employs a pragmatic, analytical design approach using advanced computational methods to develop projects and processes in which form is function. Previously Grisha gained experience in architectural design, urban planning, construction techniques and computational design in internationally acclaimed offices BIG, OMA, de Architekten Cie, Zotov&Co and UNStudio. Sundial by Prescription – Special Prize Winner at WIRED magazine Creative Hack Award 2017; Van Der Park - residential complex.
Viktor Zotov
Day 1 / 20.04 11:45 / Kyivska Troyanda (building near the Water Museum)
1986 – graduated from architectural faculty of Kharkov Construction Institute.
2004 – founded an architectural bureau ZOTOV&CO.
2008 – founded an International Architecture Movement CANactions.
2015 – co-founded CANactions School of Urban Studies.
Two mixed architours around the most significant, the most fragile and the most beautiful spots of Kyiv - green Edge along the Dnipro River in the city center will be held within the Festival.

Festival keynote speakers in addition to the keynote speech on the main site of the festival will be directly involved in this walking process and become the leaders of these walks: Haris Piplas, ETH Zürich, U-TT, Martijn De Wit, Physical Planning Department, City of Amsterdam, NL Dirk Iede Terpstra, Physical Planning Department, City of Amsterdam, NL, Viktor Zotov, ZOTOV&CO, CANactions, UA, Matthias Rammig, Transsolar, Benjamin Hossbach, [phase eins].
Architour route
On different segments of the way we will combine groups of 2-3 speakers who will follow this path, comment on what they see, discuss, coordinate, cooperate, and unite people in the process of exploring the city.

We will go on foot, swim on the ship, explore the city and enjoy the beauty of spring Kiev and the underestimated treasure — Dnipro River.

The first day — we go down the river.
The second — go upstream.


Admission by registration and tickets.
20 of April 9:45, Arka druzhby narodiv
21 of April 9:45, River Station at the Pier №12
Pioneering collaboration: how 'temporary' projects can
build lasting partnerships

The London Festival of Architecture (LFA), building up on the success of the Dulwich Pavilion in 2017 and other temporary projects, will host a workshop on how to set up a project that can serve as an ideal platform for cross-disciplinary cooperation between an emerging architecture practice and a prestigious public institution. The workshop will be run by Tamsie Thomson (director, LFA) and Rosa Rogina (head of programme, LFA) who are both hugely experienced in running international and collaborative projects.
The London Festival of Architecture (LFA), now in its 14th year, is Europe's largest annual architecture festival that features hundreds of events all over London from 1-30 June, with other activities also taking place throughout the year. It is a unique annual event that brings together key government figures and opinion-formers, world-renowned cultural organisations, every corner of the architectural profession and a broad public audience of over 400,000 people. LFA is committed to testing ideas and providing creative solutions within our built environment.
In previous years, these have included the temporary closure of Exhibition Road, a heavy traffic road in London's Museum Quarter in West London, with several installations, which led to its eventual transformation into one of London's most successful public spaces. This and other interventions not only left a built legacy in the city, but also benefited both architects and public institutions by providing opportunities for collaboration between different types of organizations.

3-hours workshop

Tamsie Thomson (director, LFA) and Rosa Rogina (head of programme, LFA)
Architects, designers, cultural institutions, NGOs

Day 2 / 21.04 10:00 – 13:00 / River port

within the framework of the 11th CANactions Festival on April 21, 2018 in Kyiv.
The organizer provides all the participants from abroad and other cities of Ukraine (except from Kyiv) with the hostel accommodation.
Connections From The Fringe
This three hour session will introduce participants to the approach, ethos and method of Architecture Fringe as a catalyst for change within Scotland. As an organisation they seek to observe and critique the culture, the practice and the output of architecture and design before utilising the resources that are immediately available to articulate new possibilities and future scenarios that will enhance our shared built environment.
For three hours you will work in a group to apply this approach to an area of Kiev, working together to observe the spaces that we occupy, identify possibilities for action, acquire resources and make interventions.

The session will be organic, responsive, creative and will demonstrate the potential for rapid prototyping that builds collective and individual agency within our cities.
This two hour session will start with reflections on the emergence of Architecture Fringe in Scotland - its context, aims, and plans for the future - then will look at Test Unit - a specific project in Glasgow, Scotland looking at prototyping in public space and then expand to look at community agency within the context of Community Land Ownership in Scotland, both from a historical perspective, and as supported by new legislation.
The Architecture Fringe was founded in 2015 by a group of architects, designers, photographers, engineers, visual artists and curators to encourage public debate about architecture and design in Scotland within its broader cultural and socio-political context. The Architecture Fringe is a non-profit registered Community Interest Company run by a team of dedicated volunteers.
Platform's work is highly praised and we work hard undertaking the following:
– Supporting new work and emerging practice in architecture in Scotland
– Developing a friendly but critical community of voices to connect, support and challenge each other
– Offering a platform to encourage a wider conversation about architecture in Scotland in a contemporary cultural and socio-political context
– Engaging internationally with other people and organisations

PART 1: SEE / FIND / MAKE - Connecting People With Place: Ideas, Agency and Action
PART 2: REFLECT / DEBATE / DISCUSS - Contemporary Place-based Activism In Scotland

Lee Ivett, Akiko Kobayashi, Andy Summers, Neil McGuire
Anyone interested in initiating cultural and institutional change within their own contexts/organisations, and those interested in a 'hands on' approach to observing and engaging in the built environment.

Day 1 / 20.04 10:00 – 16:00 / Lavra Gallery

Part 1: up to 20 participants
Part 2: unlimited number of participants
within the framework of the 11th CANactions Festival on April 20-21, 2018 in Kyiv.
The organizer provides all the participants from abroad and other cities of Ukraine (except from Kyiv) with the hostel accommodation.
Shifting Perspectives
This two-day workshop brings multi-scalar approach in order to examine rich history of Kiev riverbanks. Taking a relatively small sample of hill along the Dnipro river, we will develop shared and one-of-a-kind narrative by using collective inquiry as a pedagogical tool.
Walk starts at the controversial spot of People Friendship's Arch, with the spectacular view on Trukhaniv Island and its pedestrian bridge, and ends up at the beach with opposite view on celebrated Kiev panorama, this time with completely different soundscapes.
We will particularly look at the existing technical and cultural infrastructure (Water Museum, Puppet Theatre, River Port+Funicular, Park Bridge) not just as places of encounter, but also as commonly produced value and symbols of diminishing public life.
At the second day we will shift our walking perspective by observing first day route from the boat. Result will be a selection of layers of the collective critical map with an aim to serve as alternative tour for diverse urban explorers.
Miodrag Kuč is an interdisciplinary artist and urban theorist trained as architect / urban planner in various cultural settings. His work explores the role of ephemeral structures in uncertain urban conditions and spatial appropriations of marginal social groups. He is founder of the studio ParaArtFormations which moves at the intersection of urban studies, performative-planning, artistic interventions and micro politics. Currenty he works as programme director and curator at ZK/U (Centre for Art and Urbanistics) Berlin, exploring new ways of knowledge production through the lenses of critical urban pedagogy.

2 days workshop

Miodrag Kuč
Participants mixed professionally and gender-wise, interested in exploring and improving the researched area from the People Friendship's Arch to the pedestrian bridge leading to the Trukhaniv Island and Richkovyi Port zone. Participants are welcome to bring at least one personal story about this area.

Day 1 / 20.04 & day 2 / 21.04 10:00 – 13:00
From the Dryzhby Narodiv Arch to the Trukhaniv Island

within the framework of the 11th CANactions Festival on April 20-21, 2018 in Kyiv.
The organizer provides all the participants from abroad and other cities of Ukraine (except from Kyiv) with the hostel accommodation.
Connection to Modernism : study case of Le Corbusier in Marseille, a contemporary urban project around the Cité Radieuse.
Within this two-hours master-class Mr Martin Duplantier will introduce to the audience the connection to Modernism through the study case of Le Corbusier in Marseille, a contemporary urban project around the Cité Radieuse.
Martin Duplantier earned his four-year degree from the HEC in 2003 and his Masters from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris – Malaquais in 2007.
ENGAGED IN A GLOBAL VISION OF ARCHITECTURE AND SUSTAINABILITY, He draws from his experiences in China, Mexico, and Niger, where he developed a method of earthen construction that uses no wood. He began his career in world-renowned architecture firms, namely at Gerkan, Marg und Partners Architekten in Berlin, then at David Chipperfield Architects in London, where he was part of the Concept Team.
Martin Duplantier has worked on a number of projects at the regional scale: the Seafront at Anglet, Sokolniki Park (Moscow), the development of Reims Port Colbert (France), and the Cité Radieuse urban project in Marseille.
He is now the new President of AMO, a national association that brings the Board of Architects, the developers and the State institutions together to enhance architectural quality.

14:00 – 16:00, Location: River port
Майстер-класи під керівництвом тьюторів Харківської Школи Архітектури
The Kharkiv School of Architecture will present a panel of educational master-classes in the framework of the International
Architecture Festival CANactions where the School's tutors will present to the festival' guests the opportunity to experience
the educational process through the methods of the zero year of the School.

Imagine the text in the broadest sense of this word. Philosophical or literature text, painting, comics book, film, architecture, city. How to read the text? How does the text is associated with the image and space? How to interpret and build criticism of the text? Together with Boris Filonenko, the participants of the master-class will approach the
comprehension of the perception of texts and meanings in various formats.
Borys Fylonenko – art critic, teacher, curator. Writes about contemporary Ukrainian art and comics. He teaches the
Philosophy course at the Kharkiv School of Architecture, teaches the course "Slow Art History" at the Aza Nizi Maza Art Center.

The master-class with Yaroslav Yakovlev will help to eliminate the fear of painting and to overcome the suggestion that you
can not paint well or paint in public. You will try to observe and analyze what you saw, fix and reflect on what was
recorded. Through group street sketches you will pick up unusual among the usual and try to fix in the notebooks your
attitude to the "uninteresting present."
Yaroslav Yakovlev – Architect, graduate of the CANactions School of Urban Studies. The founder of the regional representation of UrbanSketchers in Kharkiv. He practiced at the Zurich municipality as a socio-urbanist. Co-founder of Creative Agency
Master-class with Danylo Shtanheiev will raise the question of the tools of a modern architect. "Why do I need 3D? I can do it by hand only," you might say. Perhaps, but before declaring this, Danylo will help you get a basic idea of how to choose
the right tools for different tasks, look at the internal logic of the programs.
Danylo Shtanheiev – Architect, Creative Director of the Architectural Visualization and Animation Studio Colotune CG. Has experience in 3d visualization, design of interfaces and illustration.

Undoubtedly, the modeling is the best way to check how the final object will look like. Together with Vitalii Pravyk you will
learn about the technology of ""Hot wire cutting"" the method that make it possible to get absolutely various type of forms in
the result. It is one of the basic tools in the work of architect and one of the most popular mediums for the presentation of
Vitalii Pravyk – Architect, designer, modeler.
On the 20th and 21st of April in the framework of the CANactions Festival several master-classes will be held under the Kharkiv School of Architecture tutorship. Kharkiv School of Architecture is the first independent architectural higher education institution in Ukraine. The main goal of the School founders was to prepare a future generation of professional responsible architects and urbanists who implement quality spatial changes in Ukraine and to create together an environment with an emphasis on modern technologies and the challenges of society.

20.04, 16:00 – 19:00, Location: Lavra Gallery
21.04, 16:00 – 19:00, Location: River port

Understanding Architecture as a Manifestation of Political Will in Urbanscape
Day 2 / 21.04 12:15 / River port
Panel Discussion
Urban Forum Kazakhstan invites to take part in the discussion of how the physical space of cities reflects national politics and economic models, and how it may be dictated by the regimes and ideologies. The event is about to bring together researchers, publicists and urban planning practitioners to discuss the patterns and conditions of relatedness between architecture and politics, cohesion and conflicts between urbanism and political science, representation of political discources in the urban environment.
Urban Forum Kazakahstan — it is a permanent independent platform with a chief purpose of promotion a dialogue between city residents, scientists, practitioners, activists and city authorities. The first forum was held in 2015 and has played a key role in creating a trend of triggering the interest among the citizens in the issues of urban development, the processes of changing the urban environment in general.
Key Speakers
Dr. Philipp Meuser - an architect, art curator, and founder of the DOM Publishers - lives in Berlin. A renowned expert in Soviet and post-Soviet architecture, Dr Meuser is the author of the 'Eurasian cities' concept, which he will present at the event.

Lucy Wallwork is a UK-born urban planner and researcher. Her main research interest is in emerging urban initiatives working in the post-Soviet region and transformation of the urban fabric, determined by the political change and subsequent entrenchment of new regimes.

Rashad Shirinov is a researcher at Radboud University Nijmegen in Netherlands.
His research area is the transformation of civil society and public space in post-Soviet cities and he was awarded Open Society Foundation's Civil Society Scholar Award to support the research. He has an extensive experience of election observation and analysis and worked for OSCE in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus, The Netherlands and Italy.
The discussion will be led by the co-founders of Urban Forum Kazakhstan, architect Asel Yeszhanova and political scientist Adil Nurmakov. Adil Nurmakov posseses a PhD in political science, he is an expert in political science and mass media. Adil has a researcher background - he studied civil society institutions, taught and was engaged in scientific activities. Adil calls himself an enthusiast of Almaty: he is the creator of the city site, co-author of the guidebook "Almaty today", which was published by the publishing house Vox Po.
Asel Yeszhanova is not only an architect, but also a cultural public figure. Her career was directly influenced by discussions about architecture and urbanism, as well as the growing public interest towards design.
Presentation of the book "Cities for People"

CANactions in collaboration with Osnovy publishing provide translation and publishing the Ukrainian version of "Cities for People" by Jan Gehl.

The presentation of the book will be held at the CANactions Festival on April 21 in Kyiv. Jan Gehl will visit Ukraine for the first time and will present the "Cities for People" to the Ukrainian audience.
Day 2 / 21.04 15:00 / River port
What: Call to apply for the "Short presentations" format within the framework of the 11th CANactions Festival on April 20Th, 2018 in Kyiv.

Who: students, architectural offices, designers, civil servants, developers,

For what: the opportunity to present an idea,
Expand professional ties,
find out what's going on among the colleagues.

Topic: Connections.

Day 1 / 20.04 20:00 / Lavra Gallery

1. CEDOS / Ivan Verbitsky
Research as a way to the right to the city

2. Pixelated Realities / Alik Kadum
Digital preservation methods of cultural heritage

3. Kyiv Cyclists` Association / Marianna Marshalenko,
Vadym Denysenko

"Cycling friendly office" contest: how employers make
cities cycle

4. Alla Onopchenko
Architectural Practices: Intervention as a tool for a dialog

5. MIstudio / Iryna Volynets, Maria Protsyk
National Memorial to the Heavenly Hundred Heroes

6. Lviv Educational Foundation / Katya Yakovets
Building Ukraine together. Connecting people and (co)creating environments of trust

7. Children Architecture School / Bohdan Volynskyi
Early Architectural Education in Ukrainian Cities

8. NG Garden City / Oleksiy Kokorin, Dasha Podoltseva, Elena Orap
Creating participative playgrounds with children

9. Architectural Studio Arch4Kids / Pauline Adamenko
Architecture as a way of child development
10. NG Be-e-human / Konstantin Borisov
Сafe on tree houses — as an example of urban design

11. "Institute for Urban Development" of the Vinnytsia City Council / Maxim Kramar
Renovation of the former cinema "Russia" into a modern cultural space

12. Urbanideas / Olga Krivoruchko
The transformation of St. Theodore Square in Lviv: visible and invisible

13. Nova Kontraktova / Anton Oliynyk
What is happening at Nova Kontraktova Square?

14. Zhytomyr City Council / Mykola Kostrytsya
Integrated Development of Zhytomyr City: Planning & Partiсipation

15. buro-o / Dmytro Makahon
Does cheap housing necessarily mean poor quality?

16. Initiative of saving city architectural heritage "FrankivskToCareAbout" / Mariya Kozakevych
Restoration of old doors — as a way to restore the historical memory of the citizens

17. Rente Bureau / Olexandr Ovsianko
Black rock city — city is always with you, burning man challanges
Presentation of CANactions School for Urban Studies and the projects by Graduates of this year's program Advanced Studies in Integrated Urban Development (ASIUD).
Day 2 / 21.04 16:00 / River port
About being an architect yesterday, today and beyond

Itinerant Office presents "Past, Present, Future: about being an architect yesterday, today and beyond" — a project based on the video-interview format, aims to understand how the architect's profession is changing, gathering the points of view of a selection of 11 Dutch and Italian practices. The project, curated by Itinerant Office — within the cultural agenda of New Generations— has been realized thanks to the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Italy, and the Creative Industries Fund NL. Within the framework of the 11th edition of the international festival of architecture CANactions, "Past, Present, Future" will be exhibited inside the spaces of the National Art Museum of Ukraine in Kyiv. The exhibition presents the projection of all 33 short videos, a website gathering extra contents, images of each studio, backstage footage, and the full transcription of the interviews collated in three different booklets.

Day 1 / 20.04, 15:15 / Lavra Gallery

«Schweizweit» tracks down the architecture firms that have developed over the past two decades. The resulting exhibition provides a topography of architectural work in Switzerland and shows commonalities and differences in the issues, content and for-mal strategies that matter to Swiss architects today.

Organizer of the exhibition — S AM — Swiss Architecture Museum. Director S AM Andreas Ruby will present the Schweizweit exhibition in the framework of the 11th International Architecture Festival CANactions April 20-21st in Kyiv.

Schweizweit exhibition is organized with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine and Presence Switzerland.

19.04 – 10.05 Lavra Gallery

Short docu-experimental film, 2016. Directed by Darko Fritz, HR.
The film traces 50 years of urban development of Zagreb neighborhood that is built since 1960s. The heritage of modernism and utopian urbanism are placed in today's context marked by transition and lack of urban planning. An innovative technique of algorithmic editing was developed to juxtapose the archival footage with 3D modeling.


Director and program curator of Copenhagen Architecture Festival, Josephine Michau and Signe Sophie Bøggild, will present the results of the summer school of 2016, exploring new perspectives of the city of Aarhus. The international participants were invited to rethink and re-envision relations between architecture and film. Josephine and Signe will talk about multidisciplinary group to explore the city in new and nuanced ways – not only the glossy images of city branding, but also the parts that are considered unpopular, bleak or failed.

After film, they will discuss the potentials of combining the two media as a double lens to investigate the city and the potentials of the format of a summer school for an architecture festival and the media of film and architecture.

Day 2 / 21.04 11:00 / River port

Within the framework of the 11th International Architecture Festival CANactions Kids Architecture Studio ARCH4KIDS will unite under its roof kids and well-known architects, exhibition space and fresh air, fantasy and real mockups, creativity and joy. Architecture combines.
It will be fun and interesting.
Day 1 / 20.04 & Day 2 / 21.04
Lavra Gallery and River port