DAY 1 / 17.05

Only by the registration.
9:45 - Gathering at the Pier № 13 at the River Station (registration is closed)

Day 2 / 18.05

Оn the 18th of MAY you can get to the Festival location by ships which will run every hour from 9:30 to 17:30 from the Pier No.10, from the River Station to the River Port.
Master class
Reinier de Graaf
DAY 2 / 18.05 / 18:00

Dutch architect and writer. He is a partner in the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), where he leads projects in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Reinier is the co-founder of OMA's think-tank AMO and Sir Arthur Marshall Visiting Professor of Urban Design at the Department of Architecture of the University of Cambridge. He is the author of the book Four Walls and a Roof: The Complex Nature of a Simple Profession.
Viggo Haremst
Henning Larsen Architects (DK)
DAY 1 / 17.05 / 18:50

Partner and design director for Henning Larsen's office in Copenhagen. Viggo's major areas of focus include overseeing design development of office's competitions and projects, customer contact, and strategic development of the office on the international markets. Drawing on his extensive experience as design director for international projects in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Viggo has a broad international perspective. His ability to head and develop competition projects with clear concepts and an understanding of the local context has been at the root of many important contributions to Henning Larsen's profile. Viggo is a sought-after keynote speaker that deliver insights to Henning Larsen's design method and projects at conferences and events around the world. Viggo is external examiner at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, has been teaching advanced geometry at the Technical University of Copenhagen, functioned as external examiner at Technische Universität in Munich and as Visiting Professor at Academy for Architectural Culture in Hamburg.
Sinus Lynge
DAY 2 / 18.05 / 18:40

Sinus Lynge is a Danish architect and partner in EFFEKT. Since EFFEKT was founded in 2007 Sinus Lynge has managed over 60 national and international projects in the fields of architecture and urban planning. Having developed an expertise through a broad range of projects, he excels in the management of interdisciplinary teams to create sustainable and innovative solutions. His focus is to provide inclusive projects founded in clear values and tangible visions. Sinus has been the creative and academic driving force in a range of successful cultural projects, to name a few GAME Streetemekka culture and sport facilities in both Esbjerg and Viborg, DK, Kildevæld Culture Center in Copenhagen, Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallin, VW Autostadt in Germany, and the transformation of Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen into a new brand center as well as several master planning projects, such as ReGen Villages, the development of Carlsberg Campus UCC in Copenhagen into a vibrant campus and mixed use area. All projects are centered around social coherence and vibrant public spaces as well as intelligent solutions to energy consumption and sustainability.
Klaus Overmeyer
Urban Catalyst (DE)
DAY 1 / 17.05 / 16:40

Klaus Overmeyer is gardener, landscape architect and founder of Urban Catalyst. The office´s philosophy is deeply rooted in an optimistic attitude towards the transformation of the contemporary urban landscape. Within the complex processes of urban change, Urban Catalyst develops participative models for the design and use of spaces in transformation for cities, private enterprises and civil organizations. Klaus Overmeyer is international mentor moderator, jury member and strategic consultant in numerous urban transformation projects. At the interface of urban design, planning and participation he succeeds in creating future models for cities and spaces by a stakeholder oriented approach. Since 2010 he is professor for landscape architecture at Bergische Universität Wuppertal.
Yana Golubeva
DAY 1 / 17.05 / 14:50

Strategic thinker and urban planner. Responsible for integrating office international experience and specific knowledge of Russian context. Head of MLA+ St. Petersburg and Moscow offices.
Research on the redevelopment potential for the city of St.Petersburg.
Stephan Sigrist
ETH Zürich, W.I.R.E. (CH)
DAY 1 / 17.05 / 18:10

The founder and head of the W.I.R.E. think tank has spent many years analysing interdisciplinary developments in business and society, focusing on the implications of digitisation in the life sciences, financial services, media, infrastructure and mobility. He is the publisher of the ABSTRAKT book series, author of a number of publications and a keynote speaker at international conferences. With W.I.R.E., he advises desicion-makers on the development of long-term strategies, innovation projects and supports companies in the redesign of future-oriented spaces for employees and the exchange with clients.
Jord den Hollander
DAY 1 / 17.05 / 12:30

Jord den Hollander is a Dutch architect and filmmaker. During his professional career, he combined both disciplines in numerous projects. His architectural work has been awarded and internationally published in magazines and books. He received many international awards for his television series, films and documentaries on art and architecture.

The past few years his architecture designs and filmmaking become more and more combined. A spectacular design of a mobile children's library became literally a "moving experience". The building of his latest design, a Centre for Architecture for children, was filmed as an educational project for television.
He is lecturing at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam and the Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam.

In 1990 he founded the Architecture and Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) that has become the biggest festival of its kind in the world.
Polina Bachlakova
DAY 2 / 18.05 / 12:20

Born in Moscow, raised in Vancouver and now living in Copenhagen, Polina Bachlakova is the Editor & Copywriter at SPACE10. She's in charge of breathing written life into SPACE10's projects and communication the company's vision to an outside audience. At work, she'll write a cookbook one day and create copy for an augmented reality app the next. Nothing is off limits, as long as it helps push forward SPACE10's vision of democratically enabling better and more sustainable ways of living.

Previously to SPACE10, Polina honed her skills as a Staff Writer and then Editor at companies like Vice and Girls Are Awesome, and as a copywriter at VIRTUE and other boutique design firms. She's also a freelance journalist and editor; her work, particularly regarding feminist issues, can be found in publications like VICE, Broadly, ILLEGAL!, Plethora Magazine, Sindroms and The Murmur.

In her free time, Polina volunteers for a project that provides a safe space for marginalised migrant women in Copenhagen.
Michelle Provoost
Independent School for the City (NL)
DAY 2 / 18.05 / 11:30

An author, researcher and curator specialized in urban planning history, postwar architecture and contemporary urban development. She is co-founded the office of Crimson Architectural Historians in 1994, which has subsequently been engaged in a large number of research and design projects; next to that she has been leading the International New Town Institute since 2008. In 2018, Crimson and ZUS started the Independent School for the City, a one year post graduate educational program in Rotterdam.
David Bravo Bordas
Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (ES)
DAY 1 / 17.05 / 13:30

David Bravo is an architect. Since 2016, he has been advising the Mayor of Barcelona on the implementation of a strategy against gentrification. Since 2003, he has collaborated with the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) as head of the contents of the European Prize for Urban Public Space, of which he is also secretary of the Jury. He commissioned for the CCCB the exhibition "Piso Piloto" on the right to housing and directed for the Spanish public television (RTVE) the documentary "Europe City", on the European city model.
Viktor Zotov
ZOTOV&CO, CANactions School (UA)
DAY 2 / 18.05 / 16:50

1986 – graduated from architectural faculty of Kharkov Construction Institute.
2004 – founded an architectural bureau ZOTOV&CO.
2008 – founded an International Architecture Movement CANactions.
Leon Fanjul Manuel
Traumnovelle (BE)
DAY 2 / 18.05 / 12:20

is a militant faction founded by three Belgian architects: Léone Drapeaud, Manuel León Fanjul and Johnny Leya. Traumnovelle uses architecture and fiction as analytical, critical and subversive tools to emphasize contemporary issues and dissect their resolutions. Traumnovelle alternates between cynicism and enthusiasm all the while advocating for critical thinking in architecture. Traumnovelle champions a multi-disciplinary approach with architecture at the crossroads. Traumnovelle distances itself from current forms of naive architecture and refuses to glorify the mundane. Traumnovelle sides with those who have not sacrificed ambition and criticism.
G̀erman Mitish
EASA Ukraine (UA)
DAY 1 / 17.05 / 14:10

European Architectural Student Assembly
is the platform for informal peer-to-peer education, the network of students and the annual event organized by them since 1981. EASA takes place every summer in a different country and usually lasts for two weeks. Up to 600 students take part in the event and engage in workshops, exhibitions, lectures and social events focused around a specific theme with a greater or lesser relationship to architecture. G̀erman Mitish and his colleagues will present EASA at the CANactions Architectural Festival.
Boat Architour around the most significant and the most beautiful spots of Kyiv along the Dnipro River within CANactions Festival 2019.

Festival keynote speakers in addition to the keynote speech on the main site of the festival get directly involved in this process and become its leaders: Klaus Overmeyer / Urban Catalyst, David Bravo Bordas / Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona.

They comment on what they see, discuss, coordinate, cooperate, and unite people in the process of exploring the city.

Together we explore the city and enjoy the beauty of spring Kyiv and the underestimated treasure — Dnipro River.

Registration is closed.
Day 1 / 17.05
9:45 – 12:00 / from Kyiv River Station
Gathering at Pier № 13

The Boat is sailing to the River Port,
the Festival's location
2-hours boat architour
Happiness in urban planning

What are the components of happiness?
Can the happiness be the determining factor in urban planning?
How does it affect making architectural and spatial decisions?
About happiness on the example of the concept of spatial development of the Kytaiv territory.
Grisha Zotov
Architectural Prescription is an architectural practice founded in 2016 by Grisha Zotov. Based in Amsterdam, Architectural Prescription engages in design on both an urban and architectural scale and additionally offers computational consultation services for design professionals. The practice employs a pragmatic, analytical design approach using advanced computational methods to develop projects and processes in which form is a function. Grisha Zotov is a founder of CANactions School and a teacher of Urban Fabric studio for master students at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.
Previously Grisha gained experience in architectural design, urban planning, construction techniques and computational design in internationally acclaimed offices BIG, OMA, de Architekten Cie and ZOTOV&CO. Sundial by Architectural Prescription — Special Prize Winner at WIRED magazine Creative Hack Award 2017; Van Der Park — residential complex.

Day 2 / 18.05
10:00 – 12:00 / River port
Architects, designers, cultural institutions, urban planner, urban designers

2-hours master class
Localized at different levels and management scales, in the territorial context of city, village or region, the socio-spatial phenomenon of hromada becomes the central focus of the discussion at CANactions Festival 2019.

DAY 1 / 17.05 / 12:00

Valentyn Mondryvskyi / Deputy Head of Kyiv City State Administration (UA), Anna Bondar / architect (UA), Michael Engel / GIZ, GMBH (Office UA)

DAY 2 / 18.05 / 12:20
David Bravo Bordas / Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, Yevgen Poltavtcev / Founder of 24PRINT (UA), Viktor Zotov / Founder of ZOTOV&CO (UA).


DAY 2 / 18.05 / 15:40
Urs Thomann / CANactions School (CH), Mirjam Niemeyer / CANactions School (CH), Klaus Overmeyer / Urban Catalyst (DE), Mike Emmerik / Independent School for the City (NL).
CANactions School presents the results of ongoing postgraduate programs in Ukraine and the Netherlands and present future educational projects focused on interdisciplinary research, strategic urban design, and planning.

The Youth Competition 2019 was founded in 2009 by CANactions and DIA (Institute of Architecture, Dessau / Germany). For the time of Youth Competition existence, it has become a "window to Europe" for young Ukrainian architects.

The main prizes of this year Competition are free Master Degree at DIA International Higher School of Architecture, paid 6-month internship in one of the MLA + offices, participation in the EASA Ukraine team at the International Workshop in Switzerland and project publication on the ArchDaily platform.

The winners were announced in the framework of CANactions Festival 2019.

The city is far from being an idyllic paradise, the aesthetic setting that is so often showcased by architecture or landscaping design, tourist brochures or municipal propaganda. Just when urban dwellers have come to constitute more than half the world's population, one of the greatest artefacts created by humanity is facing threats that give rise to serious doubts as to its future. Everywhere, the urban habitat is growing and changing in such an ill-conceived way that coexistence within its bounds is open to question.
Europe which, throughout history, has produced cities that are exemplary in terms of their compactness, diversity and human scale, is no exception to these dangers. Its cities are constantly subjected to urban transformations which repeatedly end up as the weapon that deals the death blow to the collective project of urban civility. All too often, urban planning has demonstrated how it can be used for social control or real-estate profiteering, and how much damage it can cause to the environment and natural resources.

Fortunately, however, European cities can also offer many examples of good practice and have shown that a better city is possible: a city that is more habitable and inclusive for everyone, where wealth and opportunities are distributed among citizens and handed down through the generations.

The European Prize for Urban Public Space aims to recognise and make known successful examples of different applications of this democratic conception of the city. Over its EIGHTEEN years of existence, the Prize—which is organised by the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) together with five other European institutions—has become an observatory with privileged perspectives on problems and solutions of the most diverse nature.

Demonstrating these experiences, the 28 works selected for this exhibition constitute a gauge of the democratic quality of Europe's urban and social fabrics. They have been grouped here as seven areas that have emerged as empirically learned lessons: memory, mobility, mixture, waterfront, margins, marketplace and democracy. They all call attention to the social and political dimensions permeating the city, and which are so well reflected in the Greek term polis. After all, as we shape cities, cities shape us.

The exhibition unites together 16 organizations and initiatives from different European countries. All of them present projects devoted to various manifestations and aspects of the social organization of society, which common aim is the development and better life of hromada.
Among the participants: CANactions School, Ostriv Platform, Institute for Urban Development, The Center for Spatial Technologies, All Things Urban, U-Cycle, Minsk Urban Platform, xopapraxis, Soviet Podil, CEDOS, MetaLab, Streetscape Territories Research Practice та KU Leuven Campus Sint Lucas Brussels, Kharkiv School of Architecture, ZOTOV&CO, future renovation map, urban curators, Alex Bykov.

The exhibition is devoted to the scenarios of spatial development for the 30 AH territories which have been developed in the framework of "Integrated Spatial Planning for the Amalgamated Hromadas" Program of CANactions School.
The city is people. Adults and kids. The only thing is that kids grow up very quickly. And they would become those who will manage our cities, design and erect them. They comprise our communities (hromadas) and take the most crucial decisions. Is it important to teach children to conduct a dialogue? Search for a compromise? Find common values? The answer is obvious. Thus, together with the Arch4Kids Children's Architectural Studio at the Festival children's space, we learn how to talk to each other, how to look for a common one and find a rational grain in the controversy. And of course create, create and create once again. 12th International Architecture Festival CANactions unite under its roof kids and well-known architects, exhibition space and fresh air, fantasy and real mockups, creativity and joy.

DAY 1 / 17.05
12.00–19.00 / What is Architecture?– non-stop for kids 5-15 years old
16.00 / Public Space – workshop for kids 5-8
18.00 / Public Space – workshop for kids 9-11

DAY 2 / 18.05
12.00–19.00 / What is Architecture?– non-stop for kids 5-15 years old
12.00 / Public Space – workshop for kids 5-8
15.00 / Public Space – workshop for kids 9-11
17.00 / Public Space – workshop for teenagers 12-16